Software Licensing

POSeTIVE took the decision to simplify how it licenses the POS products. Most software purchased is a one license per one computer deal. Therefore the decision was made to sell the customer the licence and allow them to install the separate modules (except the POS module) on as many computers as they wish. That way the only additional cost to the customer would be the cost of all the hardware and network setup.

For example if you wanted the POS Control on three computers in the office, POS Stock control on one computer in the office and one computer in the stock room - you can.

Away From Your Place Of Work

Most of the POSeTIVE modules can be used remotely. Providing the database server is connected up to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) you can for instance have POS Control at home. You just need local and remote internet. Again no additional licensing is required.

One Time Payment

Also most retailers of Point Of Sale Software charge an annual renewal fee - POSeTIVE does not. Once you have purchased a module that is the end. Currently POSeTIVE gives free upgrades and releases.

Pricing is therefore calculated on the number of POS terminals. This keeps the cost down on any further expansion of your business.


Each module is priced individually except POS Custom Reporting which is free. A minimum setup would require POS Control and one POS license. Additional modules or POS licenses can be purchased at any time.