POSeTIVE is a complete point of sale software for bars, restaurants and retail outlets. POSeTIVE has been developed using the very latest technologies to create an expandable software solution that can grow with your business. Lower operational costs, higher customer confidence and quicker sales will go towards improving your business.

POS Control

POS Control is the heart of the system monitoring all of the data processed by the POS system(s). Data can be analysed by using various drill down and reporting options.

Instantly obtain information such as how many orders are open on the floor, sales purchased, which products have been sold and how many and which cashiers, waitresses and tables are the busiest.

Any configuration changes to POS Control are automatically received by the POS terminal(s). For example, add a new product or change the price of an existing product and the Pos Terminal(s) will automatically be updated to reflect this.

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The POS terminal has purposely be designed to make the operation of it as easy as possible.

For bars and restaurants cashiers can instantly see which orders are open thus preventing any discrepancies between customers. Adding a new order is as simple as navigating to the required product button and touching it.

The Invoice and Receipt print outs give the customer a precise record of what was bought and when, thus providing the customer with the confidence and satisfaction they deserve. When a customer wants to pay their order the cashier retrieves the order, enters the payment amount and any change will be displayed, thus eliminating any calculation errors.

For retail outlets barcode scanners can be used for quick and accurate processing.

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POS Stock Control

POS Stock Control allows the business to take control of their stock. The system can be configured to alert when stock levels are low and produce stock order reports by supplier. Keep tabs on when stock was bought and from who and how much stock has been sold.

New stock can be entered as individual items or by quantity, for example a box of 24 bottles. Products can also be linked to stock allowing items such as cocktails and food to be tracked as well. A bar code scanner can be used in conjunction to provide fast and accurate input. The various reports will enable the business to check what stock they should have against what stock they actually have.

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POS Credit Control

POS Credit Control allows customers to have credit on the system. Once credit has been purchased it can then be used to make payments on the POS system. Overdraft limits can be set for each customer as well as expiry dates. Any credit left can be refunded to the customer.

This module is popular with resorts as it allows children to purchase drinks and ice creams without the need for carrying cash.

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POS Email

Owners/Managers are often away from their business. POS Email will send you an email with a full sales report when you require. Up to 250 email addresses can be used.

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POS Custom Reporting

Although all of the reports in POS Control can be exported for use in Excel and therefore manipulated there will always be a need for a report with different data analysis. POS Custom Reporting, a free utility, is basically an Excel spread sheet with an interface to the data in the POS System, allowing for dynamic reports to be created and saved for later use. Only some basic level of Excel knowledge is required. Change the date parameters and watch the report automatically update and recalculate itself.